About Us

The Institute for Research on Trauma and Resilience has been founded to advocate on behalf of survivors and descendents of survivors of genocide, eugenics, war crimes, and other crimes against humanity and earth’s ecosystems (IRTR Bylaws). 

While our scope is broad we are currently focused on a few relevant projects. These include our work with the DinE (Navajo) people of Northern Arizona, mostly this is to help them with their struggle to regain their land.  Another planned project is with Bosnian genocide survivors in the small town of Tuzla.  Our planned educational programs in Southern California include the impact of eugenics, ethnic cleansing, and genocide on today’s socio-economic landscape in tandem with local graduate students trained as our ambassadors.   

Our work with the Dine is multifaceted.  We are assisting in public educational outreach by organizing events at which the Dine cannot only sell their handmade goods and earn money for their legal fund, but also inspire local communities about their day to day struggle to retain their way of life on their own land. We are cooperating with others to fundraise for the Dine legal defense fund and for additional expenses they incur as a result of the struggles the Dine experience in their day to day lives.  These struggles include uranium contamination, ethnic cleansing on disputed lands, lack of access to water, sanitation, and electricity,  harassment as part of an effort to ethnically cleanse the area including frivolous legal action, impounding of animal stock, and the granting of mineral rights in the area to very destructive corporations, among other concerns.

By summer 2019 we plan to start our internship program with local graduate and undergraduate students, in which we will train the students how to teach brief courses on these subjects in the US and in California in particular, which they will in turn teach in high schools and colleges in Southern California.  

Though we have a broad scope we are focused very strongly on a few current topics.  We will be putting up more project information on our website as they develop.