Ivana Topalovic Mora, Ph.D.


President IRTR, CEO 


Since graduating from the University of California, Riverside (2017) with a degree in Anthropology, when not teaching, I work on developing the IRTR organization. As part of my dissertation research, I spent two years conducting fieldwork with Non-Governmental Organizations focusing particularly on women and on post war trauma recovery in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where I am originally from. It is based on this work that I aspired to start this organization as these are issues close to my heart. Once opening up for the project, I learned about how many other groups in our society who are struggling to be heard, and this became my goal. 

Catharina Santasilia, M.A.


UCR Treasurer, CFO


Trained as an anthropologist, with emphasis on archaeology, I have worked both in the Middle East, Europe, as well as Mesoamerica, before moving to the United States to pursue my Ph.D. at University of California, Riverside. I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree both from University of Copenhagen, Denmark. I have over the years traveled extensively, and through my humanitarian interest, always engaged with local populations to learn more about their cultures. In 2018 an exhibition at Riverside Art Museum openedUncovering Ancient Mexico: the Mystery of Tlatilco, which I curated in collaboration with 

Riverside Metropolitan Museum based on my dissertation research.Learning through engagement is something I am very passionate about and dissemination of knowledge is key in today’s society. When asked by Ivana back in the winter of 2018 to join the IRTR, I did not hesitate to say yes.

Lee Greer, Ph.D.




Lee Greer is a molecular evolutionary biologist and an educator / mentor, who has an interest and experience in working for indigenous rights and against the legacy of genocide and ethnic cleansing through environmental testing in the Navajo Nation for radioactivity through field Geiger counter readings and gamma ray energy spectroscopy, collection of oral histories, grant-writing, consultation with indigenous leaders, and advising of student volunteers. Lee is a founding Trustee of IRTR.