Dinè Weavers Event 2018


On the 5th of April 2018, IRTR organized an event at the California State University, Channel Islands. The event was entitled the Diné Women's Black Mesa Weaver Collective. The Diné Elders from Black Mesa in Arizona visited the campus and shared their knowledge of weaving, their traditional culture, and their current struggle for land rights and clean water with the students and surrounding community of California State University, Channel Islands. The schedule is posted below to show the wide range of events included that day. (Links for individual presentations will be added). We are grateful to the CSUCI community for their enthusiastic support and participation.  


Thursday April 5th, 2018, 10am - 5pm

Broome Exhibition Hall

Loom Weaving Project Workshop for Students

Dialogue with Weavers of the Dine Nation

The Weavers:

Seline Begay

Glenna Begay

Rena Babbit-Lane

Mary Lane

Zena Lane

Kevin Lane

Lorena Blackwater

Louise Begay

Chumash Blessing – Raudel Banuelos

Broome Plaza 10:30AM

Aztec Dance Danza Tlaloc Ollin

Broome Plaza - 10:45 am

Presentations and Dialogue

Exhibition Hall - Broome 1320

10:00​​Opening remarks – Dr. Geoff Chase, Provost

10:10​Genevieve Evans – Taylor Chief of Staff, and Interim Administrator in Charge of the Division of Student Affairs —“Native American Week Programing”

10:20​Welcome – Amy Wallace, Dean of the Library

10:30 ​Chumash Blessing — Raudel Banuelos

10:45​Danza Tlaloc Ollin — Aztec Dance, Veronica Valadez 

11:00​​Denise Lugo — Art Program


11:05​Ivana Mora — Founding Director of IRTR, University of California Riverside Lecturer

​​“History and Contemporary Impact of Eugenics on the United States”

11:25​​Lee Grier — Secretary of IRTR, University of California Riverside Lecturer

​​“The Indigenous Americas: From Holocaust to Rebirth!”

11:45​​Christine W. Gailey – Distinguished Professor University of California Riverside

​​“Gender and Genocide”


12:45​​Raudel Banuelos — Chumash Solidarity Talk

01:00​​Veronica Valadez — Mexica Solidarity Talk

01:15 ​​Andres Amaya – Activism with the Dine

01:30​​The Weavers Speak: “The Significance of Weaving to the Dine Nation”

02:00​​Dialogue with Students led by Seline Begay, Dine Weaver

02:30​Q & A: Forum with artists, students, faculty, staff, and community

03:30​Student and Faculty Loom Weaving Project Workshop 

04:40​Closing remarks – Verónica Valadez, Chicano Studies Lecturer. 


Amy Wallace, Dean of the James Spoor Broome Library

Raudel Banuelos, Director of Facility Support